California Garden Ready to Eat Plain Fava Beans, 16 oz

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These Plain Fava Beans are ready to eat

You can eat fava beans as part of a range of recipes from the Middle East and Mediterranean regions.

Try these beans in salads, soups, rice dishes, and much more.

California Garden Ready to Eat Plain Fava Beans are packed in salted water. You can cook fava beans as part of a variety of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes. Or enjoy them right out of the can in salads and other dishes.

For a delicious yet simple side dish, sautée these beans in extra virgin olive oil with fresh garlic and herbs. Try these beans in a hearty vegetarian stew with tomatoes, chili peppers, and chopped onions. Or use them to make a bean dip that you can enjoy with pita chips and crunchy vegetables. You can even mix this fava beans with chickpeas as part of a falafel recipe.


Premium Fava Beans, Water, Salt and Disodium EDTA For color preservation


16 oz


Product of United Arab Emirates

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