Fermin 50% Iberico Grain Fed Ham Pre-Sliced 2 Pack, 2 oz [Refrigerate after Opening]

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The texture and aroma of Fermin 50% Iberico products are a result of a slow curing process in a unique environment. This 50% Iberico ham is the result of a cross bred between 100% Iberico with the 100% Duroc pig, both entirely grain fed, to offer a more affordable, lower fat content pork product. Conveniently pre-sliced, this artisan ham will be excellent on a charcuterie board with Spanish olives and manchego cheese.

Iberico Pork Ham, Salt, Seasoning (Sugar, Trisodium Citrate, Sodium Nitrite, Potassium Nitrate)

2 oz vacuum packed (57 grams) each (Pack of 2)

Product of Spain

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