Fiasconaro Apricot and Chocolate Panettone, 2.2 lb.

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This Fiasconaro Panettone contains Apricots and Chocolate

This authentic Italian cake is made with candied apricot and rich Modica chocolate.

Enjoy this sweet bread with a scoop of ice cream and a glass of dessert wine.

Nothing says Christmas in Italy like a towering panettone! Traditional panettone is a sweet bread made with raisins and other dried fruits. Fiasconaro Apricot and Chocolate Panettone puts a spin on the classic cake by adding candied Sicilian apricots and chunks of Modica chocolate. This Italian dessert is dressed with a traditional almond icing and hand-wrapped. Give the gift of panettone to friends and family this holiday season!

Serve this Italian holiday cake at room temperature, or warm it up and enjoy with fresh fruit and cream. To add an extra layer of tangy flavor, use dried cherries and lemon zest to make a syrup. Allow this mixture to cool completely before drizzling it over this sweet cake from Italy. Toss in some candied orange peels for an even more festive treat.

35.5oz 2.2 lb. (1kg)

Product of Italy

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