Fiasconaro Colomba Italian Easter Cake with Hazelnut, 2.2 lbs

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This Colomba Cake is topped with raisins and hazelnuts

This traditional Italian Easter cake has a unique dove shape.

Serve this Italian colomba cake on its own, or top it with a scoop of gelato.

Fiasconaro's Colomba cakes are the centerpieces of Italian Easter celebrations. Similar to a panettone, the Fiasconaro Colomba Hazelnut Traditional Italian Easter Cake is studded with raisins and hazelnuts.

Fiasconaro Colomba cakes are made over a slow, three-day period, using only leavened natural sourdough. This fluffy, fragrant Italian dessert is in the traditional shape of a dove to usher in peace and celebrate spring.

Serve this Easter colomba cake at room temperature with a freshly brewed cup of espresso. Or warm this Easter dove cake in the oven, then top with gelato, whipped cream, icing sugar, or even more candied fruit.


Wheat flour, raisins, icing (sugar, egg white, rice flour, flour apricot seeds, starch modified, hazelnut paste, flavorings), butter, sugar, eggs, egg yolk, sourdough, granulated sugar, hazelnuts, marsala fortified wine, orange paste (orange peel, sugar, glucose syrup concentrated lemon juice), honey, invert sugar, mono and diglycerides, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, salt, natural flavorings. Contains wheat, milk, egg and hazelnuts. May contain almond, pistachio and soy.


2.2 lbs (35.3 oz)


Product of Italy

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