Fiore Ricciarelli With Cocoa Box, 5.1 oz

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These Fiore Ricciarelli are Italian cookies with cocoa

These cocoa ricciarelli are dusted with powdered sugar, resulting in an exquisite and excellent product.

Enjoy these chocolate ricciarelli with coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa.

Fiore is a producer of cantuccini, cookies, panforte, and other Italian snacks. Fiore Ricciarelli are chocolaty Italian cookies covered with a light layer of icing sugar. Traditionally made with almond flour, this type of sweet biscuit is gluten-free. These traditional Italian cookies with cocoa powder also make a delightful addition to Mediterranean gift baskets.

With a chewy texture and rich flavor, these confections from Italy pair well with fresh fruit and dark chocolate on a dessert platter. Enjoy these authentic ricciarelli with coffee or tea. Or consume with sweet wine for an indulgent snack. You can also pair these sweets with ice cream or gelato for a luxurious dessert dish.

5.1 oz

Product of Italy

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