Geomar Abalone in Brine, 15.9 oz

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Geomar Abalone is delicious gourmet seafood from Chile

Try this Chilean abalone (concholepas concholepas) in Patagonian and Mediterranean cuisine.

This chewy, rich seafood is a perfect fit for pasta and risotto dishes.

Abalone is an excellent source of protein, with each can from Geomar containing four pieces of this delectable, nutrient-dense seafood. There are recipes from cultures all around the globe. From braising them in Chinese dishes to tossing them in a creamy Italian pasta, there's a huge variety of ways to enjoy this gourmet seafood. Abalone is a fantastic option for salads, appetizers, meals, and snacks.

Salmon, water, salt, citric acid, ascorbic acid

15.9 oz (450g)

Product of Chile

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