Amatrice Unica Goat Cheese, 1.1 lb.

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Amatrice Unica Goat Milk Cheese is fresh and authentic

Enjoy this Italian cheese with fruit and wine on a cheese board.

This gourmet goat cheese has an intense flavor that shines on a charcuterie board.

Instead of raw milk, Amatrice Unica Goat Cheese is made of pasteurized goat milk processed within 24 hours of milking. Unlike more mature aged goat cheeses, this fresh goat milk cheese has a semi-firm texture and a milder flavor.

This semi-hard cheese gives off an intense taste that pairs well with sweet foods, such as fresh tomatoes or honey. Use this cheese in appetizer recipes like goat cheese puff pastries and cheese-stuffed veggies. You can even make a goat cheese sauce!

Compare to other types of cheese, such as soft cheeses from cow's milk, on a cheese board. Enjoy this gourmet goat milk cheese with a glass of white wine. 

1.1 lb. (500 grams)

MILK pasteurized goat, rennet, salt, lactic ferments


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