The Cheese Guy Crumbled Goat Cheese, 4 oz [Pack of 3]

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This Crumbled Goat Cheese is rich and creamy

Use this cheese to add a tangy, savory flavor to Greek salads, pasta dishes, and other Mediterranean recipes.

These artisan cheese crumbles are always antibiotic free.

The Cheese Guy Crumbled Goat Cheese is a high-quality and versatile cheese that makes a delicious topping for salads, pasta dishes, and much more. Try this type of cheese on a Greek salad with sun-dried tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and a zesty vinaigrette. Or enjoy this goat's milk cheese on toasted bread with fresh herbs, a pinch of coarse sea salt, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.


Pasteurized Goat Milk, Salt, Cheese Cultures, Vegetarian Rennet, Cellulose (To Prevent Caking)


4 oz each - pack of 3


Product of USA

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