Goikoa Mild Chorizo Oreado, 7 oz [Refrigerate After Opening]

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This Spanish Chorizo is ideal for cooking

Use this chorizo to add a bold flavor and vibrant red color to eggs, hash browns, and other breakfast dishes.

Heat, slice, and eat this Spanish chorizo on toasted bread with soft cheese and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Goikoa Mild Chorizo Oreado is a type of dry-cured chorizo sausage that's perfect for cooking. Mix this Spanish-style chorizo with scrambled eggs and red pepper flakes or breakfast potatoes and diced onions. Or fry up slices of this pork sausage, and enjoy them on a panini with fresh herbs and melted cheese.


Pork, salt, paprika, garlic, dextrose, starter culture, sodium nitrite and pork natural casing


7 oz


Product of Spain

[Refrigerate After Opening]


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