Gran Golia Bag, 6.3 oz (180 grams)

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These Licorice Gummy Candies are an aromatic treat

Golia candies are Italy's most iconic licorice-flavored confections.

These gluten-free Italian candies are individually wrapped and perfect for sharing.

Packed with refreshing flavor, Gran Golia are licorice gummy candies from Italy. A sugary mint exterior covers a licorice core for a flavor that is both sweet and tangy. These minty candies are individually wrapped so that they can be savored on the go. Golia black licorice candies make a wonderful addition to any Italian or Mediterranean gift basket.

Thickener: gum arabic, sugar, glucose syrup, stabilizers: sorbitol, glycerol, liquorice juice, colour: E150a, natural flavouings.

6.3 oz

Product of Italy

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