Khayyan Artisanal Pine Wood Serving Plate, 28 cm

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Artisanal Pine Wood Serving Plate is sustainably crafted

Serve charcuterie meats, cheese assortments, and more on this artisanal pine wood serving platter.

This high-quality pine wood plate makes a wonderful present for any celebration.

Serve charcuterie, cheeses, pizza, and more on a Khayyan Artisanal Pine Wood Plate.  Crafted carefully with sustainability in mind, this plate is composed of a single piece of pine found in Northern Spain. Not only is this rustic pine wood plate great for serving a wide variety of appetizers, it also makes a beautiful display piece on any table or shelf.

Pine will soak up humidity, so it is an ideal vehicle for serving dishes such as octopus or woodfired pizza. For a delectable charcuterie platter, arrange a selection of dry-cured meats,  Mediterranean cheeses, fresh fruit, and crackers.

You can also use this pine wood plate to serve a sampling of olives and tree nuts. Try it as a serving plate for freshly baked bread, cake, or pastries. Or even use it to present liquors, garnishes, and mixers for cocktail hour!

Looking for gift ideas for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion? This pine serving plate makes a beautiful centerpiece for a gift basket. Pair it with a selection of Mediterranean ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, and gourmet cheeses for a thoughtful present.


28 cm (11 inches)


Product of Spain

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