Tescoma Silicone Spatula Presto

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This Silicone Spatula is safe on non-stick cookware

This Tescoma spatula is made with heat-resistant silicone and durable plastic.

This spatula is perfect for scraping delicate non-stick surfaces and mixing bowls.

Founded in Italy, Tescoma supplies home and kitchen goods to households around the world. Whether you are looking for stainless steel knives, pots and pans, or helpful kitchen gadgets such as pizza cutters, Tescoma offers a range of expertly designed products to suit your culinary needs.

Excellent for use in cookware with non-stick coating. It can easily scrape bits of cooked food and will not damage the surface of your non-stick cookware. It makes scrambling eggs or sautéing onions a breeze.

This spatula is also useful for baking. You may use this spatula to mix or spread batters for breads, brownies, and more. This spatula will make a great addition to any home cook's kitchen.

This spatula is made of heat-resistant silicone (220°C/428°F) and resistant plastic.


10 inches (26 cm)


Designed in Italy

Made in China


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