Nezhin Ukrainian Marinated Tomatoes Glass Jar, 31.7 oz

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These Marinated Tomatoes are seasoned with garlic and spices

Enjoy this type of tomato in robust pasta and pizza sauces with fresh basil.

These tomatoes make a zesty addition to appetizer platters and salad side dishes.

Nezhin Ukrainian Marinated Tomatoes come in a glass jar, excellent for preserving. Grown in Ukraine, these tomatoes are soaked in a vinegar marinade with garlic, dill and other fresh spices. Add these tomatoes to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean-style recipes.

Try serving them on a charcuterie board with a sheep’s milk cheese or rich cheddar to balance the acidity. Add these tomatoes to a salad recipe with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, fresh parsley or basil, and mozzarella cheese. Or enjoy them sliced on an appetizer with crackers, cream cheese, fresh herbs, sea salt, and pepper.


Yellow tomatoes, salt, sugar, greens, acetic acid, garlic, spices.


900 grams (31.7 oz)



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