Crastan Orzo Pupo [Instant Italian Barley Beverage], 7 oz

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Orzo Pupo is an Italian Barley Coffee

This instant barley beverage is naturally caffeine-free.

Combine this ground barley with hot water or milk for a delicious beverage that's ready to enjoy.

Crastan Orzo Pupo is an instant Italian Barley drink that makes a terrific substitute for coffee! A soluble made with 100% barley, Orzo Pupo lacks the acidity of traditional coffee beverages. Simply combine two teaspoons of Crastan's instant barley beverage with hot water or milk and stir until combined, adding sugar or cream as desired. If you're in the mood for a more refreshing beverage, try this barley coffee cold by pouring it over ice. This drink is a great option if you're trying to have less caffeine in your diet, or simply want to relax with a cup of coffee in the evening but don't want to be kept awake.

Instant barley

7 oz / 200g


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