Lyle's Black Treacle, 16 oz

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This Black Treacle Syrup is similar to molasses

This dark syrup has a rich, bittersweet flavor.

Use a small amount of this syrup in cakes, cookies, sauces, and more.

Lyle's Black Treacle is a thick syrup similar to molasses. You can use this black treacle syrup to give fruit cakes, cookies, and other dessert dishes a balance of bitter and sweet flavors. It's an essential ingredient in many treacle toffee and gingerbread recipes.

Use this liquid sweetener in sauces and marinades for savory dishes. Mix this treacle into tea or cocktails. Or use this treacle syrup as a substitute for molasses in a variety of recipes.


Cane Molasses 


16 oz (454g)


Product of the United Kingdom


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