Marinella Italian Dried Parsley, 0.5 oz

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This Italian Parsley is a versatile herb

Use this parsley in Italian dishes as well as other Mediterranean recipes.

Try a few pinches of parsley in soups, sauces, stews, and more.

Make your favorite Mediterranean recipes with authentic imported Italian spices like this dried parsley from Marinella. With a strong flavor, it's a convenient alternative to fresh parsley.

Enhance your sauces, meats, and veggies with this classic Italian herb. This dried herb is also great for garnishing meat, seafood, and vegetarian recipes.

The bright green parsley has an herbal, mildly bitter flavor profile. It's a visually appealing choice for finishing pizza, pasta dishes, and crostini appetizers. Add a handful of parsley to any savory recipe—along with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Or mix it with olive oil, wine vinegar, and other fresh herbs for a zesty salad dressing with a rich aroma.


Dried parsley


0.50 oz 


Product of Italy


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