Marinella Sicilian Hot Chili Pepper, 0.95 oz

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These Sicilian Chili Peppers are fiery and flavorful

Use these authentic Italian chili peppers in sauces, stews, and more.

You can crush these red peppers, chop them, or use them whole.

Flavor your Italian recipes with authentic Sicilian Hot Chili Pepper from Marinella. Chop these small, dried peppers to add heat to spreads, sauces, and other spicy dishes. These dried peppers make a thoughtful addition to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys preparing Italian cuisine.

Make a Southern Italian-style pasta sauce with these chili peppers. Toss this variety of pepper in a meaty stew. Use these hot peppers to give salad dressings and marinades a pleasant kick. Or add red pepper flakes to a pizza, panini, or pasta dish for an extra dash of heat and flavor. You can even mix these dried Italian peppers with extra virgin olive oil for a bold charcuterie board condiment.


Hot chili pepper


0.95 oz


Product of Italy

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