Leporati Prosciutto Di Parma, 16 lb.

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Leporati Prosciutto Di Parma is high quality in every way

The unique flavor of this authentic Italian meat is a product of a traditional curing process.

The complex, sweet and salty flavors of Parma ham makes it a delightful choice for charcuterie boards.

The Leporati family has been providing customers with the best quality, fresh haunches of Italian pigs since 1969. Their Italian prosciutto is dry-cured using only a small amount of salt. The air dried meat is matured for a minimum of 16 months, which is enough time to create the aroma, soft texture and light pink color for which Leporati's Italian ham is known. Prepared using the hind leg of a pig, this cured meat has a mild and delicate taste especially when thinly sliced.

Try the classic sliced prosciutto recipes combination of freshly sliced ham and melons. Add herbs and melt smoky cheese on top of the meat for a grilled sandwich or panini. Or enjoy with a glass of wine and a pinch of sea salt.


16 lb.



About Leporati:

Leporati is in a prime location in the province of Parma, Italy, where the best serving prosciutto in the world is produced. Leporati is bordered on the east by the river Enza and on the west by the stream Stirone. Their small village of Pastorello sits on the hills nearby Langhirano. The ecosystem and microclimate of these hills offer ideal conditions for making prosciutto, and they will never make it any other way.


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