San Daniele Prosciutto Principe Secolo Blue Label 20 months, 17 lb.

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Principe Secolo Blue Label is premium Italian prosciutto

This gourmet Italian meat from San Daniele has a distinctive flavor that balances sweet and salty.

Enjoy thinly sliced on a charcuterie board, or add to your favorite Italian recipes.

Principe's flagship item, genuine prosciutto di San Daniele, is world famous for its fragrance, smoothness, sweetness, and leanness. After the salting process, San Daniele's Secolo Blue Label is air-dried and cured with sea salt for over 20 months. This curing process allows this type of prosciutto to acquire a unique flavor and an unequaled aroma and tenderness.

Only 150 legs of this cured ham are produced per month, making it even more rare and exclusive. Each precious piece of meat sold is numbered as proof of the extremely high-quality and selective nature of Principe's Blue Label San Daniele Prosciutto.

Recipes from pasta to risotto can be elevated with the addition of this freshly sliced prosciutto. You may also enjoy this prosciutto as part of a charcuterie platter.


17 lb.


Friuli, Italy

About Principe:

Principe has been producing some of the world's best cured meat for three generations. They are always sure to use the most advanced technology of the time and are always striving to improve the already stellar quality of their prosciutto di parma. The village of San Daniele, located in the province of Friuli in the northeast of Italy, has an ideal microclimate for producing prosciutto: low humidity, excellent ventilation and cool breezes from the foothills of the Alps. Principe San Daniele is so confident in the quality of their prosciutto that each leg is indelibly stamped with the day, month, and year of the exact time when the processing began.

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