Mitica Chestnut Honey in Ceramic Crock, 17.86 oz

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This Sweet Chestnut Honey is stored in ceramic

Chestnut trees give this honey a slightly bitter quality that pairs well with sweet desserts as well as hearty meat dishes.

Enjoy this chestnut flower honey on a charcuterie platter with a selection of cheeses and cured meats.

Beekeepers in the Asturian Mountains of Spain produce Mitica Chestnut Honey. With a deep, molasses flavor that comes from chestnut, this honey is more intense than a simple wildflower honey. This honey comes in a handmade ceramic crock that will make an attractive keepsake.

Use this honey on a charcuterie board, paired with aged cheeses and cured meats. Enjoy it in a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee. Add a spoonful to Greek yogurt with fresh pears and granola. Or even drizzle this raw honey over a bowl of vanilla ice cream for a luxurious treat.


Raw chestnut honey


17.86 oz


Product of Spain


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