Ubriacone Wine Striped Italian Cheese, 5 lb.

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Ubriacone Cheese is an Italian cheese infused with wine

Vibrant stripes of wine gives this type of cheese a distinct appearance, aroma, and flavor.

Sample this gourmet cheese on a charcuterie board with high quality prosciutto.

Sporting a name that translates from Italian into "great big drunk," Ubriacone is a 4 months aged, semi-firm cheese from Veneto that bears thick, purple stripes from the wine it has been infused with. This cow's milk cheese is bathed in a combination of local wine varietals, Clinton and Raboso, for a taste that is fruity and sharp. The cheese also brings forth a naturally nutty flavor, and is adorned with grape leaves, so mold will not grow. It is as stunning on the palate as it is on the eyes. Best enjoy on a cheese board with a bottle of wine.

5 lb.

Product of Italy

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