Molino Grassi Italian 00 Organic Flour, 2.2 lb.

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The superior taste and aroma of Molino grassi organic 00 make it perfect for your recipes for cakes and bread

This flour is certified organic by the USDA and does not include GMOs and pesticides making it safe for your family

This flour is perfect to experiment with new creations

The Molino Grassi Italian 00 Organic Flour is a gastronomic gem from the heart of Italy. This delicious flour, created with great care and passion, is a true representation of Italian culinary heritage. Carefully milled from the best organic wheat, it has a particularly silky texture and incomparable purity, laying the groundwork for extraordinary culinary creations.

This flour, derived from the prestigious Italian '00' classification, is recognized for its incredibly fine grind, making it ideal for delicate pastries, fluffy bread, and supple pasta. Its lightness facilitates blending and ensures a silky smoothness in your culinary attempts.

What genuinely distinguishes Molino Grassi Organic Flour is its organic accreditation, which ensures that every grain is grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals.


Organic soft wheat flour

2.2 lbs

Product of Italy

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