Muddy Pond Sorghum Syrup, 12 oz

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This Pure Sorghum Syrup is sweet and subtly nutty

Use this sweet sorghum syrup as a substitute for honey, maple syrup, or even corn syrup.

This syrup is obtained from sorghum plants in Tennessee.

A small village named Muddy Pond is nestled deep in the Tennessee hills, halfway between Nashville and Knoxville. If you were to visit Muddy Pond between the months of September and October you will be welcomed by the fresh aroma of sorghum syrup.

This 100% pure sorghum syrup is great for marinated chicken, pork, and more. Use it as a substitute for honey or maple syrup in baked goods. Or simply drizzle it over hot biscuits, pancakes, and waffles. You can even use this syrup in barbecue sauce recipes.


100% pure sorghum




Product of USA

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