Mastering Basic Cheesemaking

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This Cheese-making Book helps you master the basics

Start your cheesemaking journey with recipes for ricotta, chèvre, mozzarella cheese, and more.

Make fresh cheese at home with this step-by-step cheese-making guide.

The craft of home cheesemaking is exploding in popularity. From New England Cheese Making Supply Co., Mastering Basic Cheesemaking provides beginners with a complete hands-on guide to making many types of cheeses and other fermented dairy products from scratch.

This guide to homemade cheese-making is a thoughtful present for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Pair it with a selection of high-quality ingredients for making cheese—or even a cheese-making kit.

The perfect place to start, this well-illustrated, clearly written practical guide assumes no prior experience on the part of the aspiring cheese maker. Topics include:

  • Understanding your ingredients, tools and techniques

  • Whipping up "instant cheeses" such as ricotta and paneer, while learning basic milk chemistry

  • Progressing to fermented dairy products such as kefir, yogurt and sour cream

  • Using bacteria and coagulant to create spreadable and tender cheeses like quark, chèvre goat cheese, cream cheese, and American style cottage cheese

  • Graduating to curdled, aged and ripened cheese—mozzarella, feta, cheddar, gouda, and parmesan.


Gianaclis Caldwell


Paperback | 151 pages


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