[Best Before: 06/22/24] Pocas Original Honey Ginger Tea with Green Tea , 12.7 oz

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This Honey Ginger Tea has notes of green tea

Just add water to enjoy this aromatic instant tea, hot or over ice.

A hot cup of Pocas tea with ginger and honey is the perfect winter drink.

Pocas Original Honey Ginger Tea with Green Tea is a refreshing tea packed with nutrients. The addition of green tea gives this tea a distinct flavor that complements the ginger and makes it easy to savor each sip. Enjoy this instant tea hot or cold. Add lemon juice for tartness, or milk for a richer drink. Pair this tea with your favorite cookies or other sweets. Pour it into a thermos, so you can enjoy this aromatic tea during a picnic, hike, or even your daily commute.

Honey Ginger Tea offers a host of powerful health benefits. Ginger contains antioxidants and has been found to help fight inflammation. Drinking a hot cup of this herbal tea may also help temporarily relieve nausea as well as discomfort from the common cold.

Ginger extract, honey, sugar, green tea extract

20 sachets (18g each)

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