Groix et Nature Sardines Rillettes Spread, 3.5 oz

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These Sardine Rillettes are rich and creamy

This rillette recipe contains sardines packed in olive oil with shallots and spices.

Enjoy these rillettes on toasted bread with freshly ground black pepper and lemon zest or lemon juice.

Groix & Nature Sardines Rillettes Spread are rich and creamy sardines flavored with olive oil, shallots, and other aromatics. Enjoy these French sardine rillettes on toasted bread or crackers. Or make them part of a charcuterie board. These rillettes pair wonderfully with a glass of wine or sparkling cider. Add them to a gift basket for anyone who appreciates gourmet ingredients.


Sardines (62%, Sardina pilchardus, origin North East Atlantic Ocean), liquid cream, water, olive oil, wheat flour, shallots, milk proteins and lactose, salt, Espelette pepper (0.1%), pepper. Contains: sardine, milk, wheat. May contain traces of celery, mustard, molluscs, crustaceans, nuts.


3.5 oz 


Product of France

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