Maison Potier Hollandaise Sauce, 6.4 oz

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This French Hollandaise Sauce is creamy and authentic

This classic hollandaise sauce recipe is made with shallots, pepper, and other aromatics.

One of the French "mother sauces," hollandaise can be used in a variety of savory recipes.

The authentic French butter-based Hollandaise sauce from Maison Potier is rich, smooth, creamy, and very versatile. It has a great mix of buttery, smoky, and pleasantly spicy flavors. This meal enhancer can be used in many different ways and is known for its beautiful yellow color and velvety texture.

Hollandaise sauce is a key part of the famous Eggs Benedict . Also, this rich and buttery treat goes well with asparagus, seafood, fish, and vegetables. Try this quick and easy sauce with roasted potatoes and hashbrowns for an indulgent breakfast dish. Drizzle a generous amount of this classic French sauce over grilled salmon. Or try it with thin slices of steak with steamed broccoli.

You can even add this hollandaise sauce to a gift basket for anyone who loves to prepare French cuisine at home. Pair it with a selection of other gourmet ingredients for a truly wonderful present.


Water, butter 12%, cream, shallot, reconstituted egg yolk(water, powdered egg yolk) 7.4%, white wine (sulphites), white wine vinegar, thickener: modified starch, salt, lemon juice 0.8%, pepper, natural flavors, thickener: xanthan gum, Contains milk and eggs


6.4 oz (180g)


Product of France


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