Sabarot Escargots Burgundy Snails, 28.2 oz

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Prepare traditional French food with Sabarot Escargot

These classic French escargot snails with shells removed are easy to add to a variety of recipes.

Enjoy with garlic and butter mixtures in traditional escargot recipes.

Now you do not have to be in Paris to enjoy high quality French cuisine. Shop Sabarot Escargots Burgundy Snails from Supermarket Italy! These small, salty mollusks come without their shells, making it easy for you to incorporate them into pasta dishes and sauces.

Enjoy alongside a puff pastry with fresh fruit and cheese. Stuff them in mushroom caps with shallots and black pepper. Try in a tangy salad with mustard, lemon juice, and aromatic herbs. Or serve sautéed escargot with garlic, parsley, butter, white wine, and an oven fresh baguette for a taste of la vie en rose at home. Best paired with a glass of dry or sweet white wine.

Helix pomatia (without shell), Mollusk water .   

28.2 oz (1.76 lb.)

Product of France

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