Schlünder Chocolate Cake with Cocoa Glaze, 14 oz

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This Chocolate-covered Cake is perfectly moist

Schlünder's German chocolate cakes have been baked with the highest quality ingredients for nearly a century.

Enjoy this delectable, pre-sliced cake with coffee or tea.

Schlünder Chocolate Cake is an indulgent treat with a rich history. Since 1923, the Schlünder family bakery has been making baked goods of impeccable quality, and this chocolate cake is no exception. With a texture similar to pound cake, this German cake is made with real cocoa, giving it a rich flavor with just a hint of bitterness. Unwrap its foil for an irresistibly moist cake with a layer of chocolate-flavored coating.

Perfect for the holidays, this German chocolate cake is a wonderful addition to dessert platters. Serve it alongside fresh fruit, chocolate truffles, and crisp cookies to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. This German cake is also a great choice for a gift basket. A selection of Schlünder cakes makes a thoughtful present for any celebration.

All Schlünder cakes are pre-sliced, so they're easy to share with friends and family. They're the perfect treat for scenic road trips, weekend picnics, and summer days at the beach. Enjoy these cakes as an afternoon snack with coffee or tea. 

For a luxurious dessert dish, top this cake with whipped cream and fresh berries. Alternatively, enjoy it with ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, custard, or vanilla pudding. You can even pair this cake with a melted chocolate ganache. Or simply use a slice or two of this German cake to add some sweetness to your weekday lunch.


14 oz.


Product of Germany

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