Bellei Sua Maesta Denso Dolce Balsamic Vinegar, 8.45 oz

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Bellei Sua Maesta Denso Dolce balsamic vinegar called "Your Majesty" or "Sua Maestà" lives up to its name. It's a fragrant and thick balsamic vinegar made by a family-owned farm in the heart of Modena with a lot of care and passion. Sua Maestà Denso Dolce is a dark brown balsamic that is clear and bright. It has a strong, but not too strong, flavor that is followed by wood notes. It has a taste that is bittersweet, well-balanced, and pleasant and an acidity level of only 4%.

Cooked must from grapes and wine vinegar

8.45 oz (250mL)

Product of Italy

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