Bertolini Lievito Vanigliato Yeast, 64 g

BertoliniSKU: DL0120

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This Vanilla-flavored Yeast is great for baking desserts

Use this fast-acting yeast in any sweet recipe that calls for active dry yeast.

Try making sweet breads, cinnamon rolls, and other recipes with this type of yeast.

This instant yeast from Bertolini contains vanilla flavor, making your desserts taste even better! The rich vanilla notes of this mixture, paired with the natural flavor of yeast, makes your baked goods perfect for enjoying with a cup of coffee or tea. Use This Bertolini leavening agent in your next baking recipe.

This yeast requires nothing more than warm water and a bit of time at room temperature to make dough rise. Try it in cinnamon rolls, breads, and pastries. Or even use this quick-rise yeast in a pancake batter for a delicious weekend breakfast. You can also use bread baked with this vanilla-flavored yeast to make French toast.




Product of Italy

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