Morgan's Sweet & Sour Giardiniera, 2.2 Lbs

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This Giardiniera Spread is sweet and sour

This vegetable spread is flavored with fennel and vinegar.

Enjoy Morgan giardiniera in a variety of Italian and Italian-American recipes.

Morgan Sweet & Sour Giardiniera is a flavorful blend of vegetables and spices, marinated in sugar, sea salt, and white wine vinegar. This vegetable condiment contains a robust mix of carrots, cauliflower, and sweet bell peppers. Add these traditional pickled vegetables to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys Italian-style cooking.

Chicago-style giardiniera recipes are often used as a spread on Italian beef sandwiches. Enjoy this Italian giardiniera on hot dogs, hamburgers, and other savory recipes. Or make these pickled vegetables part of a zesty salad side dish.


Carrots, fennel, red and yellow pepper, cauliflower, white wine vinegar, water, Cervia sea salt, sugar


2.2 Lbs (1 kg)


Product of Italy

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