Natisani Gluten Free Cake Flour, 2.2 Lbs

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This Italian Cake Flour is gluten-free

This type of flour helps you prepare cakes with a light and airy texture.

Use this gluten-free flour to prepare a variety of cakes and other cake-like desserts.

Natisani Gluten Free Cake Flour contains a mix of rice flour and potato starch as an alternative to traditional wheat flour. This gluten-free flour is ideal for baking cakes and similar dessert dishes.

Use this type of flour to prepare a light and airy cake. Top it with a layer of cream frosting and fresh berries with powdered sugar. Or use this Italian flour in a recipe for a rich chocolate cake, which you may enjoy with a cup of freshly brewed espresso—or a glass of dessert wine.


Rice flour, potato starch, glucose, modified potato starch, thickener: locust bean flour, guar gum.


2.2 Lbs


Product of Italy


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