Yakami Orchard Marugoto Shibori Yuzu Juice, 750mL

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This Authentic Japanese Yuzu Juice contains 100% real yuzu

Yuzu has a lemon-like flavor with hints of grapefruit and pine.

Try this yuzu juice in cocktails, salad dressings, and a variety of other recipes.

Yuzu fruit is a large yellow citrus fruit that grows in Asia. Similar to a lemon, yuzu fruit isn’t eaten as is, but its juice and its zest is used in cocktails, baked goods, and other recipes. It is unique in that it also carries a bitter flavor, like grapefruit, as well as hints of pine and an overall tanginess. Yakami Orchard specializes in producing Japanese yuzu. 

Yakami Orchard Marugoto Shibori Yuzu Juice is high-quality, 100% yuzu juice. Use it to add a zesty flavor to salad dressings, mixed drinks, and even marinades.


100% Yuzu Juice


750 ml. Bottle


Product of Japan


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