Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Basil Seasoning, 5 oz

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This Basil Seasoning Mix is aromatic and savory

This basil seasoning blend also includes garlic, parsley, onion, and other spices.

Use this spice blend to season chicken, seafood, and much more.

Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Basil Seasoning takes basil to the next level. Featuring salt, spices, garlic, parsley, and onion, Jane's Krazy Mixed-Up Basil Seasoning is an imaginative way to liven up big meals or even a simple olive oil and bread appetizer.

Use this mix of dried basil and other aromatics to give salad dressings a rich flavor. Try it on grilled chicken, pork, and salmon. Or toss these dried herbs and spices in a pasta recipe in the same way you would an Italian seasoning blend.


Salt, Spices (Including Basil), Garlic Powder, Corn Starch, Ground Parsley, Onion Powder, Tri-Calcium Phosphate (Anti-Caking Agent), Palm Oil


5 oz (142 grams)


Product of USA

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