Villa Jerada Saffron Rose Tea, 12 Tea Bags

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Saffron Rose Tea is a Green Tea with flowers and herbs

Enjoy a cup of this soothing tea blend hot or iced.

These saffron rose tea bags are 100% compostable, without any glue or staples.

Saffron Rose Green Tea from Villa Jerada is a floral herbal infusion from the Atlas Mountains with hints of honey, hay, and hibiscus. Contains Moroccan saffron and roses grown in accordance with centuries-old methods. The rich aroma of saffron and rose complements the distinct flavor of green tea, resulting in an intoxicating beverage that is both calming and energizing. This saffron rose tea blend is packaged in compostable silken tea bags that are free from glue or staples.

Enjoy this green tea as part of your morning routine. Or pair it with your favorite dessert dishes for a delightful weekend snack. These aromatic tea bags can even be used to make tea-infused cocktails or syrups!

12 tea bags 

Product of USA

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