Braswell's Pumpkin Butter, 12.5 oz

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This Sweet Pumpkin Spread brings you the flavors of fall

This pumpkin butter recipe is made with real sugar and aromatic spices.

Enjoy this pumpkin spread on toast and muffins, or use it to bake seasonal treats.

Braswell's Pumpkin Butter is a rich and sweet spread that's perfect for autumn recipes. Made with real cane sugar, brown sugar, and pumpkin spices, this aromatic condiment is delicious toast, muffins, and other breakfast pastries.

This pumpkin butter is great for baking. Use it to make seasonal cookies and breads with a creamy pumpkin filling. You can also serve this pumpkin spread with grilled pork. Try a spoonful to add depth to a creamy pumpkin soup. Or add a small amount to a slow cooker recipe like beef stew or sweet potatoes.

Looking for a present for someone who likes to cook or bake? Add this pumpkin butter spread to a fall gift basket.


Pumpkin, cane sugar, light brown sugar, lemon juice concentrate, pectin, natural flavor, salt and spices.


12.5 oz


Product of USA

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