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Pasta Fresca (Fresh Pasta)

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A man makes homemade fresh pasta with a pasta maker

The world’s favorite comfort food, pasta is the heart and soul of Italian cuisine. Packages of dry noodles can be found in most kitchen pantries, but if you want an authentic Italian flavor, pasta fresca takes ordinary pasta to new heights. Meaning ‘fresh pasta’ in Italian, pasta fresca has a distinctly tender and slightly chewy texture that marries well with creamy sauces made with dairy products. Of course, nothing can substitute for pasta fresca made by Italian grandmothers, but the fresh pasta offerings at Supermarket Italy are the next best thing. Read More

The history of pasta Fresca/ fresh pasta

Made from a combination of simple ingredients like unleavened durum wheat flour, water, and eggs, pasta has been a kitchen staple in Italy for many centuries. Long before Marco Polo introduced pasta to Europe in the 1300s, noodles were already mainstream fare in Asia. In fact, some food historians theorize that pasta was brought to the Mediterranean by nomadic Arabs around the same.

By the 1500s, pasta production was refined with the use of durum wheat, which has a low moisture content and a longer shelf life. Thanks to its affordability, versatility, and shelf life, fresh pasta became firmly rooted in the Italian way of life.

What is the benefit of pasta Fresca/fresh pasta?

In Italian cooking, both fresh pasta and the dry variety have their unique benefits. Unlike the dry kind, pasta fresca contains eggs and additional water, which gives it a tenderness that pairs well with light and creamy sauces. Alternatively, dry pasta has a firmer ‘al dente’ bite that holds onto to chunky tomato-based sauces with meat, seafood or vegetables.

How to prepare pasta fresca/ fresh pasta

Because of the extra liquid from eggs and water, pasta fresca cooks in half the time compared to the dried variety. Its soft and chewy texture also compliments cream-based sauces like carbonara or Alfredo. Creamy sauces are also ideal for shell or ear-shaped fresh pasta like cavatelli or orecchiette. Tube shapes and spirals are also excellent pairings for rich cream sauces or a simple mix of extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomatoes, and grated Parmesan.

Where to buy pasta Fresca/ fresh pasta

If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable source for pasta fresca online, you’ve come to the right place. At Supermarket Italy, we feature a full line of fresh pasta by the Lisa brand, a popular Italian import. We also carry other top brands like Sica Pacifico and Garganelli All’Uovo. Shop our selection of fresh pasta today and take your Italian cooking to the next level.