Pasta Toscana Fusilli, 16 oz

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This Fusilli Pasta catches both light and hearty sauces

Pasta Toscana helps you prepare delightful Italian pasta recipes with simple ingredients.

Pair this type of Italian pasta with your favorite tomato, Alfredo, and pesto sauces.

Pasta Toscana's authentic Italian pasta allows you to enjoy delicious recipes by adding just a few simple ingredients. Simply pair their 100% Tuscan wheat pasta with your favorite olive oil, seasonal vegetables, and herbs for a delicious yet simple pasta recipe. An assortment of Pasta Toscana products makes a wonderful present for anyone who enjoys preparing Italian dishes.

Pasta Toscana Fusilli is a classic Italian pasta made with durum wheat flour and water. This spiral pasta's shape means you can pair it with light or creamy sauces in a wide variety of pasta dishes.

Try pairing this fusilli with a white wine pasta sauce and mushrooms for a delectable side dish. Or enjoy cooked pasta with extra virgin olive oil, red pepper flakes, and vinegar in a spicy fusilli pasta salad. You can even make a cacio e pepe-inspired fusilli pasta recipe by cooking al dente pasta with pecorino cheese and black pepper.


Durum Wheat Semolina, Water


16 oz


Product of Italy

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