Gerardo di Nola Paccheri Pasta, 16 oz

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This Paccheri Pasta pairs well with hearty sauces

Gerardo di Nola's Italian pastas are made in Gragnano with 100% durum wheat.

Enjoy this paccheri in a wide variety of Italian pasta recipes.

Gerardo di Nola has over 150 years of experience making high-quality, authentic Italian pastas. Their durum wheat pastas are made in Gragnano, a town in Southern Italy famous for its climate which provides the ideal conditions for preparing dry pastas.

Gerardo di Nola's Paccheri Pasta is a round tube noodle with a slight curve, a texture that makes this pasta shape ideal for thick and creamy sauces. Paccheri noodles can be enjoyed in a variety of Italian pasta dishes.

Try filling these slightly curved noodles with crumbled Italian sausage and creamy ricotta cheese in a baked pasta dish. Serve this type of pasta with tomato sauce, cured meat, parmigiano reggiano, and red peppers for a classic pasta dinner. Or use al dente noodles in a pasta salad appetizer with cherry tomatoes. You can even make a cacio e pepe-inspired dish with pecorino cheese and black pepper.

Looking for a present for someone who loves Mediterranean cooking? Add an assortment of Gerardo di Nola products to a gift basket along with gourmet pasta sauces and extra virgin olive oil.


100% Italian durum wheat


16 oz (1Lb)


Product of Italy

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