Pavesi Ringo Cocoa Cream Cookies, 11.6 oz

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These Italian Cookies are filled with a rich cocoa cream

Pair these delectable cookies with espresso, black tea, or spiced chai.

These cookies make an excellent topping for dessert dishes.

Pavesi Ringo Cocoa Cream Cookies are rich and crunchy Italian cookies with a milk chocolate filling. These Italian sweets are delicious on their own. Or you may enjoy them with freshly brewed coffee or spiced chai.

For a delectable dessert, try these classic Italian cookies as a topping for an ice cream sundae. Or make them part of a festive dessert platter, alongside dark chocolate, white chocolate, fresh fruit, and salted caramels.

These cocoa cream-filled cookies also make a thoughtful addition to a gift basket. Pair them with a selection of other Mediterranean sweets and snacks.


Biscuits (wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil, wheat starch, low fat cocoa, glucose syrup, whey, salt, leavening agents [sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate], artificial flavor), cocoa filling (sugar, vegetable oils [canola oil, shea oil], low fat cocoa, wheat starch, hazelnut, artificial flavor). Contains wheat, milk, shea nut and hazelnut. May contain eggs, soy and other tree nuts.


11.6 oz


Product of Italy

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