Sifor Pecorino with Truffle Wedge, 15.9 oz [Pack of 3]

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Savor this rich Pecorino Cheese with Summer Truffles

This pecorino siciliano is a robust choice for pasta dishes as well as cheese boards.

Use as an alternative to pecorino romano for a delicious cacio e pepe.

Sifor is a brand that produces an incredibly diverse range of flavored cheeses. A cheese made from sheep's milk, this Sifor Sicilian pecorino wedge is infused with summer truffle for a rich, earthy flavor and aroma. 

Enjoy this truffle-infused Italian cheese on charcuterie boards with cured salami and prosciutto. Or grate it over salads and even toasted sandwiches. For a gourmet cheese platter, serve with other types of cheeses from Italy such as parmigiano reggiano and grana padano.

Pasteurized sheep's milk, summer truffle paste, salt, white truffle aroma, rennet, salt, lactic acid.

450g/ 15.9 oz - Pack of 3

Product of Italy

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