Pirucream Rolled Wafers with Chocolate Hazelnut Org. 300Gr/ 10.58Oz

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These Rolled Wafers are filled with chocolate hazelnut cream

Try these wafers as a topping for a parfait, sundae, or chocolate mousse.

These wafer rolls are great for dunking in coffee and tea.

Pirucream Rolled Wafers with Chocolate Hazelnut are crisp and crunchy wafers with a rich cream filling. Try these chocolate hazelnut wafers paired with milk, espresso, or even a spiced chai. Enjoy them with a yogurt parfait. Or even make them a topping for a luxurious ice cream sundae.


Flour wheat, water, milk, sugar, lecithin, salt, eggs, vegetable oil, cocoa and hazelnuts.


300Gr/ 10.58Oz 


Product of Italy


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