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Italian Pizza Flour

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Premium 00 Caputo Flour

Nearly anybody who travels to Italy comes home saying the same thing: “The food is just incredible!” It’s true- it’s hard to beat a piping hot bowl of fresh pasta bathed in fruity olive oil, or pizza fresh out of a woodfired oven. For years, visitors to Italy have been enchanted by Italian ingredients and the exquisite cuisine that springs from them. For many, the holy grail of Italian food is the now ubiquitous world staple, pizza.

At its core, pizza is a very basic dish. A good quality, bready base; bright, fresh tomatoes; rich, salty cheese; a sprinkling of fresh herbs. So simple! But don’t let that deceive you; pizza making is an art that requires skill, precision and high-quality ingredients. Read More

What is Pizza Flour?

Pizza flour, sometimes referred to as tipo 00, is high quality, finely milled wheat. Its fluffy, light texture is baby-powder soft, and has a low absorption rate, meaning it requires less water than regular all-purpose flour. In turn, it produces the shatteringly crisp on the outside yet somehow perfectly chewy on the inside pizza crust that defines Italian pizza.

Italian Pizza Flour Produces Better Pies

After a Roman holiday (or anywhere in Italy,) many curious foodies find themselves wanting to try their hand at making their own pizza from scratch. It may be an undertaking, but cooking homemade pizza is one of life’s little pleasures! Not only does it give the opportunity to build a custom-topped pie, it’s also great way to get kids and beginner cooks involved in the kitchen.
To make a perfect pizza at home, a few elements contribute to its success. The most important is probably the crust! Though it’s only made of three or four ingredients, a recipe for Italian pizza base is far from basic. It’s crucial to give a lot of love to your dough. Think about it- most disappointing pizza’s you’ve tried have probably been due to the crust!

Nobody wants a disappointing pizza, especially us. That’s why our team at Supermarket Italy is so passionate about helping home cooks cook all things Italian. Pizza flour is the only way to the go if you want to make pizza that tastes like what you remember from Italy! Though all-purpose, whole wheat or cake flours all have their place in the kitchen, pizza is not the occasion to be pulling them out of the cupboard.

We are pleased to purvey only the finest Italian brands of pizza flour, which produce the chewiest, crispiest breads and crusts.

What is the Best Brand for Pizza Flour?

Caputo 00 flour is renowned across Italy— and now, the world— for its purity, superior texture and quality wheat blends. We offer a selection of finely milled pizza flours from the best producers in Italy, including Caputo. 00 flour is available on in both in bulk and individual sizing, so whether you’re making pizza for two or a crowd, we have you covered.

How Can I Try Caputo Flour?

Don’t have time for a trip to Italy anytime soon? Bring the flavors of the country to you with Supermarket Italy. With an impressive selection of Caputo flour, free shipping over $50 dollars, and competitive prices storewide, there’s no better time to stock up your Italian ingredients. Visit to make a better pizza today!