Goya Masarepa Pre-Cooked White Corn Meal, 1.5 Lb

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This Pre-cooked Cornmeal is great for baking and frying

This enriched, ground cornmeal is ideal for making corn breads as well as tortillas and muffins.

Use this white cornmeal as a gluten-free coating for deep frying.

Goya Masarepa Precooked White Corn Meal is ideal for making the cornmeal cakes from South America called arepas. Unlike other white corn meals, masarepa is cooked before being milled and is more finely textured. Use masarepa to create a breakfast of arepa corn cakes served with beef al pastor and melted cheese.

Alternatively, use this corn flour to prepare a hearty polenta or grits dish that makes a savory appetizer. Or mix this pre-cooked white corn meal with wheat flour for breads and pastries with a rich texture—you can even make corn pancakes!


White Corn Meal Enriched With Thiamine (thiamine Mononitrate), Niacin, Iron (ferric Orthophosphate) And Riboflavin.


1 Lb , 8 oz (24 oz)


Product of Colombia

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