Primitivizia Mugolio Pine Bud Cone Syrup - 3.6 oz

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This Italian Pine Syrup has a sweet, herbal flavor

Use this pine cone bud syrup in place of honey, maple syrup, or even balsamic vinegar.

Pair this pine syrup with goat cheese, dry-cured meats, and fresh fruit on a charcuterie board.

Primitivizia Mugolio Pine Bud is an Italian syrup created by Eleonora Cunacia. This syrup is composed of herbs and buds of the Mugo pine trees and left to dry to ooze out sap. After the sap is collected, it is then mixed and cooked with sugar and water to create the finished product.

This syrup is marvelous with ice cream, ricotta, mascarpone, other cheeses, panna cotta, meats, fish, and more.

  • Pine Bud Syrup
  • Use it like a Balsamic Vinegar or Honey
  • Great as a Topping for Desserts or Meats

Types of Syrup:

Primitivizia Mugolio Pine Bud Cone Syrup


100 mL Bottle


Product of Italy

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