Jasberry Organic Superfood Rice 9 Grains, 7.5 oz

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This Organic Superfood Rice contains a robust grain mix

This 9-grain rice is easy to cook in a skillet or microwave.

This variety of rice is delicious with stir-fried meats or curry sauce.

Jasberry Organic Superfood Rice 9 Grains is a hearty and delicious rice that's also easy to prepare. You can cook this rice in a microwave or skillet and enjoy it in just a few minutes. This dark purple rice is delicious as part of a grain bowl with a zesty dressing and crisp veggies. You can also try it with stir-fried meats and veggies. Or even serve it with a spicy curry sauce.


brown jasmine rice*, jasberry superfood rice*, water, chickpea*, red bean*, black bean*, white bean*, white quinoa*, brown sugar*, sea salt, garlic powder*, black pepper powder*, chia seed*, millet*, onion powder*



7.5 oz


Product of Thailand


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