Ritrovo Selections Casina Rossa Green Olives with Lemon, 9.9 oz (280g)

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These Italian Olives are flavored with Lemon and Garlic

Lemon-infused olive oil complements the bitterness of this green olive variety with a citrusy, slightly fruity flavor.

Serve on an Italian charcuterie board with pecorino romano and cured prosciutto.

Green olives from the Abruzzo region of Italy are flavored with real lemon, garlic, sea salt and oil to deliver a bright, savory, tasty bite. Serve these natural citrus-infused olives with your next charcuterie or cheese board!

Add this type of olive to your favorite Mediterranean recipes like pastas, pizzas, and Greek salads. Crush them into zesty sauces or spreads. Mix them with capers in a tapenade recipe. Or serve them on a table olive platter alongside black olives like kalamatas and Italy's famed Nocellara del Belice variety. For a delightful evening snack, pair with a bold bottle of wine or a sweet glass of hard cider.

Green Olives 60%, Sunflower Seed Oil, Flavored Lemon Olive Oil 7%, Lemon 3%, Sea Salt, Garlic, Lactic Acid.

9.9 oz (280g)

Product of Italy

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