Albert Menes Himalayan Pink Salt, 6 oz

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This Pink Himalayan Salt has a coarse texture

This type of salt, mined in Pakistan, contains trace minerals, providing its unique color.

Use these salt flakes to finish your favorite meat, seafood, and vegetarian recipes.

Since 1921, Albert Ménès has made and distributed grocery products of the highest quality in France. From jams to dried herbs to spice mixes, there's truly something for every dish in Albert Ménès' selection of goods.

Albert Menes Himalayan Pink Salt is a type of salt from the Punjab region of Pakistan. Trace minerals give this rock salt its unique pink hue. Its overall flavor is similar to regular table salt with large salt crystals adding texture.

Enjoy this pink Himalayan salt in virtually any recipe. Use it like sea salt in stews, soups, and sauce recipes. Or sprinkle a small amount of this salt over meat, seafood, and roasted potatoes just before serving.

You can also use Himalayan salt in dessert recipes. Try a pinch of this coarse salt on brownies. Add it to cookie recipes. Or even use this pink salt in homemade pie crusts.


Himalayan Pink Salt


6 oz (170g)


Product of France 


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