Golden Mountain Soy Bean Seasoning Sauce, 20 oz

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This Soy Bean Sauce is a dipping sauce and condiment

This savory sauce made from delicious soybeans is sweetened with real sugar.

Use this soybean sauce to add a sweet and salty flavor to stir-fry recipes, fried rice, and more.

Golden Mountain Soy Bean Seasoning Sauce is a sweet soy sauce that's great for stir-frying, stewing, and more. Made with soybeans, sugar, and salt, this condiment enhances the flavor of chicken, pork, and other meat dishes.

Use this condiment as a dipping sauce for potstickers, spring rolls, and other appetizers. Mix this sauce with extra virgin olive oil and rice wine vinegar for a delicious marinade with a complex flavor profile. Or use a few dashes of this sauce to add depth to stews and soups.


Soy bean sauce, salt, sugar, water, add food enhancer


20 oz


Product of Thailand

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